1. To stand out above your competition

In a field of full of grass people generally see nothing but the colour green because each individual blade merges with the next one. However, if a flower is planted somewhere amongst it people will now see only the flower with a green background.

My point here is that spot uv, foil blocking & lamination are not unusual, and most sellers apply it to their covers as a matter of course. So now designers have to be far more creative in how they use print finishing to produce their own version of the “flower”. My tip here would be to use layers of different finishes to add texture and movement to your images. (Find out how @

  1. To create value

Consumer’s perception of value comes in many forms and one of them is the appearance of the product. Even a snap decision made in a shopping aisle involves an analysis of the product’s ability to provide sensory satisfaction and value to the customer. Buyers will often pay more for something that they perceive as a superior option compared to other products under different brand names. Gold, silver, textured and combinations of lavish finishes create a visual sense of value and will absolutely influence buying decisions.


  1. Message (Call to action)

One way to get the message across is to highlight it…. What are you selling? What is your tag line? How can I buy this? When is it happening? It will depend on the message or the call to action on your project, however if a consumer only has a few seconds to decide if something is worth more of their attention, the message has to be appealing to the eyes and perceived as something that will give satisfaction and value. (Find out different ways to highlight your message @


  1. Identity

Print finishing can help your print to be recognised and remembered amongst others. I wonder if any of you are old enough to remember a certain soap that was packaged inside a pearlised lamination film? it was a multisensory item that changed colour as you viewed it from different angles, accompanied by the smell of the product. (To find out how we can create a similar effect using foil and fragrance inks contact us


  1. 20% other factors

In general, it is thought that your sales success rate is based upon 40% (Product) 40% (Audience) and 20% (Other factors) – In my opinion there should be much more weight afforded to design. It is the single most important element of your marketing materials. If you cannot attract the attention of your audience, No one will ever see how great your product actually is.

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