1. Faster response time in decision making
Smaller sized businesses are more likely to have a much faster reaction to a customers needs. There is a much shorter
chain of command and often you will find yourself talking to a decision maker on your first call to the business. For
example you may have a client asking to visit your suppliers premises to view operations and you need to agree this
quickly before you respond.

2. Handling technical questions immediately

Smaller sized business owners are generally hands on and very often will have been ex directors or senior members of
larger organisations, they will usually have the technical expertise and experience to deal with all your questions
straight away. Also because they are hands on, they rarely hold business meetings during the working day which
leaves them more accessible to talk and avoids delaying customers queries with annoying voicemail responses..

3. More personal service
An extremely important part of working with a smaller company is the personal connection with staff (Usually the
business owner). It offers a greater opportunity to explain to the person in charge and who actually handles your
orders, exactly how your business model works and what precise needs and concerns you may have, instead of the
information being passed down a chain third or fourth hand.
Yes – larger companies do have account handlers and they do a remarkable job, however small business owners
usually operate from the shop floor so are in a perfect position to oversee the operational process on the actual live

4. Trust
Over the years, I have asked long standing customers why they remain loyal to smaller businesses’ they often use the
words “trust” or “relationship” This is built on a mutual need for each others business to be successful, both working
together to help each other out when they are up against it. Like a family, always comfortable being honest with each
other because the trust is there. Relationships last for years if working together like this.

5. Flexibility
Smaller companies are less bound by policies or procedures and they are easily adaptable to provide concessions.
Perhaps a critical plan has changed and you need your supplier to react fast, rather than recite ” I’m sorry our company
policy is….” You are more likely to reach a resolve or be offered a compromise when dealing directly with smaller
businesses’. An example could be that you are urgently trying to arrange transport carriage of your goods that wont be
available during normal working hours and you need to arrange an agreement before you go home that evening.

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