It’s a designer’s go-to application when they want to express texture or depth into an image. The versatility gained by using this process allows them to create amazing almost 3d effects on flat sheets. The example above shows how the text is popping out of the design and immediately pulls you into the focal point.

Do you need special dies?

Once the artwork has been finalised, male and female dies are fashioned that allow the foil blocking process to emboss and foil simultaneously in one pass. They are known as combination dies and have registration pins to make the image as near perfect position as it should be.

How does single pass production benefit printer’s?

> Increased production capacity for outworker means shorter lead times

> Only one make ready on the job

> Savings in cost v passes compared to a similar flat foil and emboss projects.

> Less waste, which means potential material savings.

> Guaranteed accuracy of registration between foil and emboss.